How often do you remember a beautiful smile?

A smile conveys warmth, friendliness, confidence, and vitality. A beautiful smile is an asset in business and social settings. Whether you want to improve your or your child's dental health, move up the corporate ladder, or feel better about the reflection you see in the mirror,we can help you attain the best smile that you can have!  Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Rider are board-certified orthodontists who work directly with every patient.
Here are the services they provide:

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Teen Orthodontics

We offer braces (metal or invisible), Invisalign® clear aligners, retainers, and everything for teenagers.  You can be confident your teen will receive the best possible care - Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Rider perform all treatments themselves.

Patient holding orthodontic retainers in dental clinic

Adult Orthodontics

It is never too late to upgrade your smile!  Our professional team can work with you to find a comfortable, affordable solution to make your smile one to be proud of!

Lombardi Bionator Bite Appliance

TMJ Treatment

You don't have to live with chronic jaw pain.  TMJ treatment can help reduce or even eliminate TMJ pain, clicking jaw joints, soreness, and discomfort.  We use removable TMJ orthotic appliances, bruxism appliances, and several other removable appliance options.  One bruxism appliance option is
If your bite needs correction, orthodontic treatment may also help.

We are Board-Certified Orthodontists

Both Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Rider are Board Certified Orthodontists; less than 1/4 of orthodontists serving our local communities are board certified.  Our doctors have 65+ years of combined experience as specialists. You can trust Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Rider's clinical expertise and long history of happy patients.  Here are a few of the specialist services we provide:

Young kid is meeting a dentist

Early Childhood Orthodontics

Younger children with bad habits or growth problems may need correction to ensure their teeth and jaws develop properly.  Our doctors provide gentle care and behavioral guidance to help your child grow into a healthy smile.

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Syndromes & Multidisciplinary Orthodontics

Our wealth of experience makes us specialists in rare and complex individual cases.  In addition to helping patients with rare genetic disorders, we capably handle complicated cases involving several types of orthodontic issues such as missing or impacted teeth, prior surgeries, periodontally involved cases, implants, trauma, etc.


Orthognathic Surgery

In patients with skeletal growth irregularities, a misaligned jaw can cause significant issues.  Dr. Lombardi and Dr. Rider are skilled board-certified orthodontists who can help ensure the best result attainable.

Our Doctors

Dr.Lombardi and Dr.Rider are members of the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Dental Association. They are both board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics.

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Our office operates under NJ Specialty Permit Nos. 3256, 3738.  Saturday and evening hours available.

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